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 Hey y'all I created a forum.  n.n

Please join I really want this thing to take off.  It is completely free and just kind of a for fun thing.

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Writer's Block: Are you experienced?

Which is your favorite Jimi Hendrix song, and why?

Definitely Purple Haze!  I know it is one of his most common songs, and one of the most known, but I really feel like that song is linked in with a lot of my really good memories over the years.  It is absolutely an amazing song and something that makes me want to just cruise down the high way with the windows down.  

If you're going to make a movie out of a book...

Okay...  I gotta say, some film makers are just retarded.  (:

I watched The Dead Zone, which is a film directed by David Cronenberg that is based off of a book by Stephen King.  They skipped over like, an entire section at the beginning of the movie.  :/  The part where the kids are skating and Johnny gets knocked down by a hockey player and smells burnt rubber when he wakes up.  Then, they didn't mention any of the things that happened while Johnny was in a coma.  They didn't pay any attention to the fact that Johnny's mother touches him when she comes in to the room and he didn't have a flash like he does in the book. 

In the movie, he touches a nurse and gets a vision of her house burning down and tells her that her daughter Amy is in the house and it is not too late to save her.  In the book, it is his physical therapist he touches and tells her her house is burning down, NOT his nurse.  And in the book, there is no child involved. 

In the movie, he doesn't take a cab home.  He drives himself home and ends up hitting a big gas tank thingy that was attached to a semi.  In the book, he takes a cab home and he's having a nice little discussion with the driver when they have a wreck at an intersection.

I mean honestly, what the hell is wrong with these directors that fuck up what could have been a good movie by making it so far from what really happened in the book?

All About Me Prompt!

My favorite color is yellow because in my eyes it is symbolic for optimism.  I love how cheery I feel when I'm wearing a yellow t-shirt, or I see a yellow car. 

My favorite place in the world is where ever I can be with the people I love in peace.  And honestly, that is true.  Where I live, most people don't appreciate:  Mississippi.  I know people flocking to get out of the good ole' south.  :p  But honestly, I don't want to leave unless I can take everyone I love with me.

If I were an actress, I would have loved to have played the part of Elle in Degrassi.  The character reminds me a lot of myself and the things I have been through, but the girl who played her didn't seem to play the emotions off realisticly to me. 

If I could have chosen to been born in any time period, I would have been born in the 90s, which is when I was born.  (:  I appreciate history and all that has happened, but I do love the days I live in, regardless of all the controversy there is now over wars, oil, the economy and shit like that...  There will ALWAYS be controversy.  You just have to learn to be at peace no matter what kind there is.

If I were to be born an animal, I would have chosen to be born a dog.  Why?  Because I think dogs are extremely happy and ignorant.  [[[:  I mean honestly, I love how care free and blissful my dogs seem to be, and I think it would be heaven to live like that.

My family would describe me as...  well, a smart kid with big dreams, a good attitude, smart ass quality, with sarcasm running through my veins as opposed to blood. 

The Secret Life of the American Teenager - Why all about sex?

I've noticed the rage in asking why this show is all about sex. 

Well, for one thing this show seems to mainly be ABOUT sex.  Maybe not specifically sex, as much as outlining issues surrounding teenagers having sex; what the consequences could be and how to handle some of these situations.  I mean hell, it is an issue a lot of teenagers deal with in their everyday lives..  You know?  And while most parents do take the time to talk to their kid about it, most kids are going to do exactly the opposite of what their parents tell them to do in order to make their own identity.   It is sad, but it is true. 

And I think it is trying to portray all of the possibilities.  For instance, Amy gets pregnant and she plans on adoption, but none of the couples work out, so she decides to keep her baby boy.  So it has gone in to what it can be like to be a teenage mother.  Missing social events, missing out on opportunities, having to work and find time for your baby as well as go to school.  It deals with those types of things.

Now Adrian is pregnant and at first everyone thought it was going to go through with the idea of abortion, BUT Adrian changes her mind last second.  Now, maybe they will explore the alternative to abortion, which is adoption!  I hope so, because Ben and Adrian have clearly stated neither of them is ready to be a parent, and yet they are going to have to be since Adrian decided against the abortion.  So hopefully they will get into adoption this time.  (:

I think though, for those who say "Well this show is completely unrealistic.  I never had to deal with those problems as a teenager and neither did my friends."
You get a gold star, okay?  Congratulations on not having to deal with sex. 

But most teenagers DO have to deal with sex. 

So if you didn't have to and you don't like what this show is about, you don't have to watch it!  (: 

Well then...

It is so ironic how the people you thought were your best friends turn out not to be a real friend at all.  I confronted Ariel, you could say, and I just told her in a very calm fashion, "Look, I've been very upset with you.  You've been acting so different than the Ariel I knew a year ago.  That's why I haven't really been speaking to you.  I love you to death, but you need to get your act together sister.  You've been acting like some what of a whore; sleeping with other girl's boyfriends or any guy who you think is remotely cute regardless of how it could hurt other people.  And honestly?  I feel like you've taken me for granted for a while.  When you want to borrow something for me, or need something from me, I do it with out complaint.  When I wanted to borrow something from you, or needed you to do something for me, it was a big deal and you'd bitch about it or not do it at all.  To me, I see it as you just don't appreciate me and you're very self-involved.  You don't care about anyone but yourself.  I don't know if me saying this upsets you, or makes you mad.  But honestly I don't care because it is what it is, and that is how I feel." 

Well, in response to that she gave me a weird look, made up a cheap excuse to leave, and did so promptly afterwards.  But you know what the beauty of it all is?  I don't care anymore either.  I said what I needed to say directly to her, let her know what was going on, and whether or not she likes it, I don't really care.  If she were to care and straighten her act up, it would be a totally different story. 

Averill 5

Averill sat at her shiny, white wooden desk biting her lower lip and hugging her knees to her chest.  She looked at her pink cell phone, hoping it would ring; she was almost trying to will it to ring.  She had gone out with Stoner, the guy she'd been talking to and made friends with on myspace.  She'd met him a few months earlier at star bucks, but she had only kept in touch over the computer because she had gotten grounded.  Stoner and her had connected on a more intellectual level, as opposed to the physical level that he usually tried with girls.  What shocked her about him tonight - he defied his reputation completely!  He hadn't tried to mess with her all night.

Stoner had taken her hand and simply held it, they hung out and talked all night with each other and with their friends, and when it was time for her to leave, he had given her a sweet and simple kiss on the mouth and walked her to her brother's car. 

Averill was shocked and ecstatic about it at the same time.  And she was hoping he'd call her tonight...

Writer's Block: No place like home

What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

  1. It is pretty; you have to know where to look really.  There vast green fields and a lot of farm land.  I love the sun flower fields especially.
  2. Diversity in land;;  There are a lot of places in MS that contrast one another.  Cities, flat farm land, hill type places; mountainous areas.  It is gorgeous.
  3. You can get away with doing dumb stuff like mud riding, goin to the woods for no reason, fishing in weird places, and walking through drive thrus.
  4. The people are pretty nice.
  5. It is peaceful.

5 things I hate about Mississippi:

  1. Sometimes the cops here are pretty freakin' ridiculous.
  2. It gets really freakin' hot and muggy during the summer.
  3. The mosquitos are killer.
  4. There are too many scene kids..
  5. Desoto county sucks.

Averill 4

Averill left her house in a hurry, scampering out to the big cerulean blue truck in her drive way.  She carried her things with her sloppily, her clothes were hanging out of her over night bag as though she had simply tossed them in there and swung the flap closed.  She had, to be truthful.  She was in a hurry to get out of her house and be free for a few days and she could only do so at Jessca's house. 
Averill climbed in the gargantuan truck, taking her place in the back seat and pushing her sloppy bag over to the side as far as she could.  "What are we doin' tonight?" She asked immediatly, excited to see what plans that had in store for this Friday night. 
Jessca laughed, "In a hurry?" and slammed the truck doors on the passenger side.  Her dad pulled out of the drive way and went on his way.  Jessca and Averill were conversing at ninety to nothing the entire way there about what they were going to do tonight; and it all started with a trip to star bucks that night. 

When Jessca's dad dropped them off, Averill of course left her things in the truck, because she knew they'd be returning to Jessca's house in the countryside of Byhalia later that evening, or the next morning.  To these girls, it didn't matter when, as long as they did. 

Averill and Jessca socialized the entire night with boys.  Not so much to be considered whores, as much as there just weren't any girls there that were to be tolerated, really.  They usually just hung around Scott, Michael, and Matthew.  There were not many tolerable boys either.  Jessca could tolerate being around all of those boys and girls at star bucks, but Averill just absolutely couldn't stand them.  When asked why by her best friend, Averill had responded shortly with, "I don't smile at wasting my precious time to hang out with a bunch of girls who act the same but seem to think they are so unique, or guys who act like girls and think it is fun to run around and make loud noises, shoot people with nerf guns, kick tables over, and act like they are still six years old in a fashion that is simply obnoxious." 

Jessca had laughed at that, "I don't think those nerf guns are so bad, I think they're kind of cool..." 
Averill shook her head, "If one of those ass backwards scene kids shot me with one of those damn things, I'd have to promptly shove it up his or her ass."

The two had shared a good laugh over the conversation about unoriginal teenage children and nerf guns. 

Around nine that night, when the two were getting rather exhausted of their surroundings and companions and the heat was getting a bit unbearable, Averill had received a phone call from a male friend of hers.  His name was Lucas and he had been friends with Averill for as long as she could remember.  They hardly ever hung out though, because  he was around twenty and had his older friends; but on this particular night, he seemed to want her company.

Lucas' voice sounded so pleadingly over the phone as he requested Averill's prescence, "I miss you, cutie.  I hope you aren't too busy for me on this beautiful Friday night."  He had flirted with her.  Lucas always flirted with Averill, though she couldn't figure out why.  She had always figured she was more his sister than some one he was interested in, though she had crushed on him for as long as she could remember, in her own way.
Averill's heart fluttered at the mere implication that he thought she was cutie, and that he missed her.  "Well...  If you could come and get my friend Jess and I, we could come home with you I guess."
"I don't want you to just come home with me Averill, we're going to a party!" Lucas exclaimed.  Averill grinned, kicking herself that she could get in to trouble again, and trouble was something she didn't want any of after she had actually calmed down so much and made so much progress.

Lucas picked up Averill and Jess around nine thirty; Averill, of course, had shot gun and Jess was in the back.  Averill hadn't seen Lucas in almost a year, though they spoke frequently over the phone or on the computer.  To her, he was more than cute; he was beautiful.  He shines...  Averill thought, her cheeks flushing a deep pink.  He had his neat mess of shaggy dark brown locks fixed neatly, combed; and he was dressed neatly in a white muscle-shirt, a red plaid flannel shirt over that, and some jeans.  His electric blue eyes contrasted so beautifully from his dark skin and hair.  Averill melted all over again when he smiled at her.  

"So..." Lucas looked at Averill, acknowledged Jess with half-assed nod, then return his gaze to Averill.  "You ready to do some partying, sweetheart?" He asked, half-jokingly to which Averill responded with a hell yeah. 

That night, the three partied hard.  Jess undeniably had a crush on Lucas, that much was clear to Averill.  She'd have none of it though; Lucas was one territory that she wouldn't let anyone she knew cross with out a fight.  Averill made her territory clear to Jess, who moved on to talk to other cute guys.  She ended up talking to one guy the whole night and Averill hoped they'd hit it off. 

After everyone had passed out, Averill helped herself to the kitchen.  She examined the pantry, scanning the shelves for something tasty.  Nothing.  She made her way to the fridge, opened the door and found it was stuffed with food.  She didn't know where to begin.  Before she had the chance though, Lucas entered the kitchen and laughed as soon as he saw her gazing at the wonderfully packed fridge.  "Munchies?" He asked.

Averill chuckled to herself and closed the fridge, "No, just bored now that everyone is clocked out, really." She leaned against the counter and smiled at Lucas, who was still, even drunk as anything, beautiful to her.  "I think my friend has a crush on you..." She laughed.
"Poor girl." He smirked, leaning on the counter next to Averill.  He gave himself the privilege of standing so close to her, their sides touched.  "I don't want her though.  She's weird looking to me...  I like red heads."
Averill kicked herself mentally, because she didn't know what to say or do.  This was the most unexpected thing for her, and she didn't know how to handle it.  Lucas interested in her, possible?  A guy who had never shown any interest, but treated her like a sister.
Lucas studied her for a while, and he could tell exactly what was on her mind.  He turned and got in front of her, placing his hands on her waist and circling around to her back, tucking his arms around her tightly.  She returned the embrace by squeezing her arms under his and pulling him closer, her hands placed gently between his shoulder blades.
Before either of them knew what was going on, Lucas leaned in and kissed her.  An explosion of emotions commenced inside of Averill.  Her heart jumped in to her throat, her stomach flipped, and she was excited, nervous, upset, confused, and deliriously happy all at the same time.  Maybe this is what is meant by fireworks?   She thought.  

Averill felt this probably wouldn't go anywhere after tonight, and she was his one night stand; but regardless of her paranoid thought process, Lucas had the same feeling she did.  He loved her.  He didn't know when it had happened or where, but he did. 

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Averill 3

It was a muggy night to be out taking pictures, but that's what Averill and her friend Jessca were doing.  They had both fixed themselves up and now were out side taking pictures.  Averill wondered how in the hell she had ended up being best friends with some one she had hated so much.  A month ago, Jess' and Averill hadn't gotten along at all.  Jess'  had been going out with a guy named Stephen, who Averill was loose friends with.  Despite being with Stephen, Jess' liked Randy, who Averill was very, very good friends with; Averill and Randy had been talking for about two weeks and Jess' had begun to resent her because Randy never texted Jess', nor did he call her.  He was too busy, of course, talking to Averill.  Within three weeks of becoming friends with Averill, Randy asked her out and she said yes.

After that it was set in stone, Jess' didn't like her at all.  Averill didn't care, either.

After two weeks of going out with Randy, Averill broke up with him.  Shortly there after, she began going out with James, who was Randy's best friend.  James, however, was a different story for Averill.  James and Averill had been best friends for six or seven months, and had, as such, spoken on the phone every night since meeting.  When they weren't on the phone, they were texting or talking on the computer.  When they weren't doing that, they were hanging out in person.  James was very important to Averill and she wanted badly for it to work out, but it hadn't.  After a month and a half, he broke her heart.  Unfortunately for all this, Jess' had gone on from liking Randy to James while Randy and Averill had been together.  Then after James and Averill got together, to her misfortune, she and Randy had gotten together. 

After James, Averill had begun associating more with Jess' original boyfriend, Stephen.  The two bonded very quickly.  Although Averill knew how she thought she felt about Stephen now, three months after the James incident, Stephen didn't realize how he felt until he had lost her to Stoner. 

While friends with Stephen, he was busy talking to cute girls from his school; Averill went unnoticed, just his friend, and took up talking to Stoner at night when she'd get on the computer.  Stoner was a guy she'd met once a few months ago and had a great time with that night, and to that day she still remembered the entire night.  The two became very good friends just talking online, since Averill was grounded and couldn't go anywhere.  They agreed on lots, yet disagreed on enough to never run out of things to discuss and debate about. 

Usually, Stoner was known for his inability to hold a relationship because he liked to get physical then dip out.  Just talking to Averill on the computer, he got to know her better than he'd ever known any girl before.  Instead of Averill wanting to be with him, Stoner's interest in her had developed long before and quicker than Averill's had.  Averill, when she got ungrounded, met Stoner to hang out.  That night, Stoner asked her if she would be with him, to her surprise, she said yes.

Little did either know, the next few months was going to be a roller coaster of hurt.